What’s in my bag? 

As some of you guys have requested a ‘ What’s in my bag ‘ post, I am doing one for you now. The most important thing to carry around for me is of course my phone with my Vincent Diesel London case. Honestly when I am somewhere without my phone, I feel so empty. Also another thing that comes with my phone are the apple earplugs so I am able to listen to music whenever I have time to do so. Another thing I love to carry around is a notebook (Marmori notebook from Nunoco Design Company). Just so I need someting to write and take notes. Although you could also use your phone for that I prefer the good old way to write on actual paper.

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Spring is arriving

Don’t you all love spring? It’s the season where everything starts to look brighter again and flowers start to bloom. The nature gives you a warm and welcoming feeling because everything starts to get colourful again. That’s also when I get motivated again to go outside for a walk and enjoy the nice temperature in the sun.

Of course with this nice weather I couldn’t miss the oppurtunity to take some pictures of my outfit outside.

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