Spring is arriving

Don’t you all love spring? It’s the season where everything starts to look brighter again and flowers start to bloom. The nature gives you a warm and welcoming feeling because everything starts to get colourful again. That’s also when I get motivated again to go outside for a walk and enjoy the nice temperature in the sun.

Of course with this nice weather I couldn’t miss the oppurtunity to take some pictures of my outfit outside.



I kept it really simple but also chic for todays outfit. I am not really into super bright colours but I didn’t want to leave it all black and white so I paired it with some rose glitter Espandrilles. Also I’m super in love with my new bag from Princely London. If you are interested make sure to head to their website. I linked it in the sentence above.

But before I leave this post the way it is, I want to wish you a nice remaining weekend and a hopefully motivating start into the new week!

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Yours truly,

Vivi xx


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