What’s in my bag? 

As some of you guys have requested a ‘ What’s in my bag ‘ post, I am doing one for you now. The most important thing to carry around for me is of course my phone with my Vincent Diesel London case. Honestly when I am somewhere without my phone, I feel so empty. Also another thing that comes with my phone are the apple earplugs so I am able to listen to music whenever I have time to do so. Another thing I love to carry around is a notebook (Marmori notebook from Nunoco Design Company). Just so I need someting to write and take notes. Although you could also use your phone for that I prefer the good old way to write on actual paper.


Apart from that I carry the usual my Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses and my Micheal Kors wallet. Of course also not to forget the girly products like my Dior Addict Nr. 465 Lipstick and my Bvlgari Perfume.

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Yours truly,

Vivi xx


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