Smoothie Bowl

Pictures and posts about Smoothie bowls have been going all around social media lately. At first I didn’t quite get what the big deal was about this bowls but after having tried eating one myself, I really wanted to share this simple recipe with you. Apart from the pictures looking super nice, the bowls are also really healthy. So it is basically up to you which fruits you prefer to use. This is just my favourite combination.


• 100g frozen Raspberries

• 1 Banana

•  a few Raspberries

• a few Blueberries

• shredded Coconut

• a few oat flakes

1. The first thing you do is take the banana and cut it in to half. One half is for the blender/mixer and the other one to just put it in the bowl. After having cut the banana into half, just simple put the banana and the frozen raspberries with a little bit of water in the blender and mix them.

2. When you have put the finished smoothie in your bowl, it is up to you which fruits or berries you use as a sort of topping. Again I prefer a few raspberries, shredded coconut, a few blueberries, some oat flakes and also half a banana.
Isn’t that hard to make right?!

Yours truly,

Vivi xx


2 thoughts on “Smoothie Bowl

  1. Smoothie bowls look so pretty! Thanks for explaining how easy they are to make. I’ve been intimated when thinking about making one because the pictures I see on Instagram are always so beautiful and they seem so elaborate.

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