Things you need to pack for summer vacation

As I am going on my summer vacation soon, I thought I’d share the things I pack or bring with me.

1. SUNSCREEN: This is probably something I forget to put on so often but it is just so important to protect your skin. To be honest I always thought I  would get a tan faster if I wouldn’t  use sunscreen and get a sunburn which afterwards made my skin tan. That’s what I always did for a long time but walking around with red sunburned skin isn’t something I prefer to do anymore. Apart of that I also always remind myself now that I should put on sunscreen because the longtime consequences for it  can be cancer. So don’t risk cancer getting in your way.

2. SWIMWEAR: What is a summer vacation without swimming in the ocean or a pool ? Well definitely not the normal definition of a summer vacation ! That’s why swimwear is something you shouldn’t miss taking with you.

3. LIGHT CLOTHING: Nothing can be more annoying than wearing thick clothing that makes you sweat a lot when it’s warm or even better to say hot. That’s why it is probably the best to bring the lightest and thinest clothing you have in your wardrobe.

4. CAMERA: What is a vacation without taking photos and capturing great moments ?! Well I can assure you it is not normal theses days to not take pictures. That’s why bringing a camera which allows you to take high definition pictures is perfect along side essential to bring with you so later you have something to hold on to.

5. COMFORTABLE SHOES: Walking around with feet that hurt can be pretty much nerve-racking because the bad mood starts to make it’s way to you which in the end will lead to that you can’t enjoy things. That’s something you definitely want to avoid on your vacation because you obviously want to enjoy yourself, relax and feel good.

6. METTALIC TATTOOS: Temporary metallic tattoos have been becoming really trendy lately and they especially match really well to a swimwear or beachwear outfits. This is why you girls should definitely not miss this trendy accessory.



4 thoughts on “Things you need to pack for summer vacation

  1. Good post! Thanks for putting sunscreen right up as number 1. I used to have to have the same approach to tanning (burn to tan), but have changed my strategy for the very same reasons.

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