10 things that will help ease your day

Lately I have been thinking about a lot what I should post or write about on my blog. After having brainstormed my ideas I decided to write about something that might really help you out there.

So I thought I would share a few things or essentials with you that I always take with me. This really makes my day so much more easier and also most of the time never leaves me unprepared. In my personal opinion your day get’s less stressful when you have prepared and also organized yourself. Even though these are just little things or essentials you will be glad that you have had them with you at the end of the day.

1. WATCH: Whether you go to work or to school it’s always important to keep track of time. Although we all of course now a days have phones to keep track of time, it is also convenient to wear a watch because you don’t always get to take your phone out. If you are at a business meeting for instance taking out a phone isn’t the most suitable option or  wanting to keep track of time at school without having the teacher to take away your phone.

2. SUNGLASSES: Who doesn’t get annoyed when the sun is shining so bright that your eyes hurt ?! This is probably the most annoying thing for me. I literally can not stand going  outside in the
sun without sunglasses. So this is definitely something Ialways carry around whether it is cloudy or not, I just always want to be prepared for the sun.

3. NOTEBOOK: If you have read this you will probably think, who needs a notebook these days when you have a phone to write notes on?! I just find it more convenient to write things down on actual paper because you can visualize it better while on your phone you more or less only have the option to take notes in words without being able to insert visuals like charts, drawings, etc.

4. DEODORANT: Especially in the summer we tend to sweat a lot and feel disgusting smelling our own sweat. So it is always good to have a deodorant along with you in case you start to feel sweaty. Ev
er since I once was out and really felt so sweaty and disgusting which also led to the fact that I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the day, I never leave the house with a deodorant in my bag.

5. SKINCARE CREAM: Sometimes you just get out without even expecting your skin to dry out. Especially when it is cold in the winter your skin and lips tend to dry out or peel. That’s why I also now always carry this around because I find it very annoying and uncomfortable when you walk around with peeled lips or skin.

6. EARPHONES: As I have already talked about this in one of my posts, I always carry around my earphones with me so whenever I have the time and also want to listen to music, I can. Sometimes you just obviously need music to distract you or keep you cooled down.

7. WATER: Remind yourself that it is important to drink water each day. Everyone always talks about that drinking enough water is important and it’s true. This is also something that affects your wellbeing. I can only share it from my own experience. The days I drink a lot of water I feel more comfortable and also don’t tend to eat to much. Also with being in the middle of summer, it is important to drink water when the sun is shining on you to prevent illness and a headache.

8. PURSE: This is probably the most important essential. What would we do without our money or credit card?! I bet we wouldn’t come far unless everything would have been organized and payed in advance. Another thing I keep in my purse apart from credit card or money is my identity card, just so I will be able to identify myself in case something happens.

9. PERFUME: This is probably not as a big help but just in case you want to smell extra good, this is something I carry around most of the time too. I just find if you are close to people and talk to them, it feels much better to know that you smell good and others won’t have to stand the disgusting smell of you.

10. REMINDER APP: As we all have phones with us almost all of the time, we should take advantage of the features like the reminder App. It is normal that we forget things every now and then, that’s why reminders can ease and help reminding you of upcoming things again. So with that you won’t forget anything anymore because you almost always have your phone with you and look at it.


I hope this blogpost was helpful for you and you could take advantage out of it. Also I didn’t mention my phone because this is just something so obvious which everyone carries around.


Yours truly,

Vivi xx



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