Banana Ice cream

Recently I discovered such a simple and healthy version of ice cream that I really wanted to share. Some of you might have heard of the one ingredient banana ice cream. It is pretty simple.

All you need is basically enought bananas depending on how much ice cream you want to make, a knife to cut the banana into small pieces for the blender and the blender itself.

All you have to do is take the bananas, cut them into little pieces and then blend them in the blender. After you have done that just put the blended bananas in a airtight container into the freezer. You should at least leave the bananas freeze for 2 hours and ideally would be over night.

That’s about it for the banana ice cream recipe, pretty simple. Which topping or what you want to add to it is your choice. I just prefer to add a little bit of cream as well as a chocolate bar to it.

Yours truly,

Vivi xx


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