How to survive stressful days

We all once in a while or even for a long period of time have these days that are just super stressful. So the more important it is that we try our best to relax and make the best out of it. I can only talk for myself with being busy studying for school exams and doing outside school activities. That’s why I thought I would share a few simple things that might help you to survive a stressful day.

1. Be prepared: So first things first make sure you are prepared for whats to come, if you have the chance to do so. Whether exams are coming up,you have an important presentation coming up or a day full of important meetings make sure you have mentally as well as physically prepared for it. If you have everything prepared well and planned out the stress level is much more lower.

2. Diet: From my own experience I can only tell that it is hard to keep track of your diet but the better it is if you do so. Make sure to drink enough water and if possible take enough vitamins to yourself. If you have the time prepare a healthy but also  a saturate meal one day in a advance make sure to do so because it is important to have enough energy to process.

3. Take a break: Nothing can be more stressful than having to work long or  having to study for a long time of period that is why, of course only if you have the chance to, take a break and just relax. Whether it is drinking  cup of tea, listening to music, watching TV, just do something that makes you more relaxed and were you can get new energy from.

Here is a small playlist with the songs/sounds that keep me relaxed:

Make you feel – Alina Baraz

Warm waters (Snakeships Remix) – Banks

Y.B.A.S – J.Quest

Gone (feat.Syd) – Snakeships

Change -Zuper

You can also find a really calming playlist on Spotify if you follow Jazz Vibes there.

4. Exercise: Believe me at the moment I would actually be the last person who would be exercising. But going through a period of time where I have to study so much made me realize I had to exercise in some way in order to concentrate again. So my number one solution is taking yourself about 20 minutes or half an hour. What I personally like to do during that period of time is a 15 minutes workout for my full body and the other 15 minutes I am using to do Yoga, just to get myself cooled down and relaxed.

I hope that this might help some of you out there and remember no matter how stressed you might be never forget to put a smile on your face and also remember that less stressful times will come again.

Yours truly,

Vivi xx


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