Zanzibar Impressions

People who have been following me on Instagram already know that I went to Zanzibar for my summer vacation which was already quite a while ago. Since I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures of there and instead more of myself, I wanted to share a few impressions as well as some facts about Zanzibar in this blogpost.

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´╗┐Carribean Cruise┬á

You might have already seen pictures of my vacation in the carribean on my Instagramfeed. But what most of you probably didn’t know yet is that I spent my holidays on a different Island every day although I have spent 2 days befor the cruise started in Martinique. So together with my parents and sadly without my older sister, we boarded the ship for our one week Carribean cruise on January the 2nd in Martinique at the port. It was really exciting because my family has never done a cruise before, everything was new for us.

So if you want to know more about the different Islands and what to expect on a cruise than just continue to read this post.

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