Weekend chicness

I always get so excited about upcoming events where I get to dress myself chic and pretty. Although I always come up with the outfits last minute, I manage to put a outfit together which I am comfortable with.
This weekend we had a family event planned which was a occasion to dress up pretty. When I think about what to wear I always overthink and go through all different kind of aspects. For instance I think about if it’s appropriate and comfortable. One really important thing to me is that I don’t cross certain boundaries like showing to much skin. I guess that is just such a personal thing but I am just that kind of person who is becareful with how they dress. I could probably go on and on about me and my perspective on outfits.

So let’s get to the important part and the inspiration of this outfit. Lately I have gotten across so many clothes in nude colours across social media and therefore wanted to create a look myself. About nearly half a year ago, I am not going to lie, I got a request to do promotion for the brand of this skirt. At that time I felt uncomfortable weaing this skirt but now I am more than happy to have clothing in a nude colour along with me. I am going to link all outfit details below.

Another thing I can not get enough of at the moment and which is also really trendy, are collars. Regarding my personal style I love all clothes looking chic and elegant which you can probably tell by this look. So of course tops or sweatshirts with collars or high neck make the outfit look elegant. Something i couldn’t miss pairing with this outfit.  Also a great fitting along side accessory is a simple black clutch. In terms of shoes I chose some cute but also comfortable espandrillas.

Top: similar here 

Skirt: similar here

Jewelry: click here

Shoes: similar here

I want wish you all a nice week!

Yours truly,

Vivi xx



8 thoughts on “Weekend chicness

  1. I love this outfit on you! It compliments you so well! I just discovered your blog and I’m already falling in love with it! Please check out my latest blog when you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! Xx

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  2. Omg 😍 This look is so amazing and chic. Something I would definetly also wear on a date. Love the look and you look gorgeous with it! ❤️

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